Achieving a Healthy Balance through Self-Awareness

Publish On: 23/06/2020

Naturopathic Medicine to the core represents something that empowers the individual seeking treatment for an ailment or a person wanting to improve their overall health. They have a broader appreciation for medicine and what exactly it entails. Their particular course of action, in choosing an alternative medical option, is one that reinforces their level of control. A great deal of responsibility, however, also shifts towards this same person advocating self-agency. The need for self-education is paramount to one’s state of health and wellness. Both of the authors to the two previous HolistixConnex articles emphasized that and I, HealthyConnex, couldn’t agree more.


A wide range of tools can be found at your local Naturopathic Health Clinic, whether in the cities of either Mississauga or Toronto in Ontario, Canada or half-way across the world in Astana, Kazakhstan. The practice of Naturopathic Medicine is growing globally, but it is the West that is finally catching up with the East with respect to appreciating alternative medicine’s relevance in augmenting public healthcare. Creative preventative medical practices exist that can make way for a brighter future due to there being less emphasis on treatment medicine. Furthermore, with Naturopathic Medicine’s wide range of tools comes a team of professionals that are present and able to assist you every step along the way. The relationship between patient/client and healthcare professional is a central focus in the practice of Naturopathic Medicine. Both the set of tools and professional help, which are being offered at Naturopathic clinics, may be covered by employment insurance, extended health insurance plans or health benefits. With that in mind, it is always important to be informed on your exact coverage and what services can be included in that package.


Being aware of your body’s condition – in regards to the current level at which each of its individual hormones, minerals, and vitamins are at – is a stepping stone towards changing your health and wellness for the better and subsequently maintaining it. The level of thoroughness in regards to the lab testing that would be conducted by a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) is quite extensive. Whether it is concerning blood testing, saliva hormone testing, hair analysis, stool analysis or urinalysis, each one of these diagnostic tools serve to assist the individual in their pursuit of self-awareness.


The test results are given during a one-on-one consultation with your N.D. and what follows is a customized treatment plan receptive of those results. The individual’s treatment plan is specifically geared towards offsetting any imbalances that may be present, whether being deficient in the iron mineral, as is the case for many young women, or having too high of a low-density lipid (LDL) cholesterol count, which is a leading contributor to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). Regardless of which given mineral, vitamin, cholesterol, protein or other is present in a quantity or quality that is not within optimal range, these less-than-ideal discrepancies are to be methodically challenged and subsequently resolved. Within the treatment or action plan, both dietary directions to follow as well as an appropriate list of exercises to implement are present in order to alleviate the problem(s) and have a healthier YOU carrying yourself forward.


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