Holistix Connex: Self-Education as an Integral Supplement towards Balancing your QI

Publish On: 13/06/2020

Self-Education as an Integral Supplement towards Balancing your Qi

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Perhaps before I engage your brain and have it shift towards the discussion of how naturopathic medicine is something that has been misunderstood for far too long, and that finally - with the help of technological advances via Net 2.0 and its subsequent handling by critical thinkers across the globe - it’s taking a turn for the better, I’d like to introduce myself. Or rather my team: Holistix Connex. I am QiConnex, only a single member among many others who as a whole constitute the Holistix Connex organization. Our mission statement - what we strive for - is to empower people by showing them that self-agency is one of the most powerful medical tools to possess.

Now that we have gone through with the formalities, here comes the exciting part: your newfound insight on life and both the activities and situations that continuously fluctuate within it. We are confident that with this new insight you, yourself, will create new and highly-beneficial habits. Taking an active and healthy approach with life can take you so very far. Hippocrates, an Ancient Greek physician who is widely considered to be the ‘Father of Medicine’, was by and large the pioneering champion for naturopathic medicine (or simply, naturopathy) before it was even a specific term found within the medical taxonomic realm. Though many have tried to domineer and minimize naturopathy’s place along the scale of medical relevance, their efforts have been in vain.

“Where Treating the Mind, Body and Soul is our Primary Goal”

For as long as people continue to challenge the suggested efficacies regarding pharmaceutical drugs and the advocacy of individuals within the medical community that reinforce their implementation, alone, in almost every facet of life, alternative medicine shall not shy away, but will continue to help those who are in need and who are admirable with their approach in actively seeking medical help. Self-agency is not to be taken for granted, but neither is professional help. Naturopathic doctors are trained to alleviate pain, stresses and built-up anxiety that recur throughout an individual’s day, let alone entire life.

That is, these negative phenomena will continue to recur if left alone. But if intervention occurs in a proactive and methodical way, then it can be greatly minimized or essentially eliminated. The first step, in my opinion, is to gain a stance that has you, yourself, taking initiative and relying less on others. This can only be done effectively through selfeducation. We feel that through following our series, Holistix Connex, that what we openly share with you - our readers - can be used as a practical supplement towards your journey of becoming the healthiest You possible. Enter Holistix Connex.

We would like to thank you for taking time to read this and are looking forward to your supporting the initiative.

To a healthier and happier You,