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Are you taking the right kind of iron supplement? By: Dr. Laura Belus ND

  Who needs iron? Iron is a necessary mineral used by the human body primary in red blood cells and is required for oxygen transfer & exchange. This translates to proper energy function, reduced fatigue and healthy hair, skin & nails. For women, having adequate iron in the body can become a challenge due to […]

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The Naturopathic Approach to Seasonal Allergies

It happens every year – after the winter thaw, the sniffling, stuffy nose and sneezing starts. For some, it happens later in the year. During the summer, some suffer from ragweed and other pollens. In the fall, kids going back to school have to deal with allergies brought into common spaces by fellow classmates. Studies […]

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Naturopathic Treatment vs. Standardized Healthcare

For years, people have traditionally gone to doctors for their health issues. Whether it be for a common cold or chronic acne, a general practitioner is normally the first stop to treat any issues or ailments. With technology and resources constantly advancing and being developed, many of our issues seem to be resolved after a […]

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