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The Naturopathic Approach to Seasonal Allergies

It happens every year – after the winter thaw, the sniffling, stuffy nose and sneezing starts. For some, it happens later in the year. During the summer, some suffer from ragweed and other pollens. In the fall, kids going back to school have to deal with allergies brought into common spaces by fellow classmates. Studies […]

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Naturopathic Treatment vs. Standardized Healthcare

For years, people have traditionally gone to doctors for their health issues. Whether it be for a common cold or chronic acne, a general practitioner is normally the first stop to treat any issues or ailments. With technology and resources constantly advancing and being developed, many of our issues seem to be resolved after a […]

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The Right Naturopathic Treatment for You

In today’s day and age, we are constantly searching for alternative solutions to those which have been accepted as the norm, when those norms are no longer working for us. Having access to a great wealth of resources, such as the internet, has enabled people all over the world to discover various methods and tools […]

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Achieving a Healthy Balance through Self-Awareness

Holistix Connex         SEGMENT THREE:  [27/12/2013] Achieving a Healthy Balance through Self-Awareness   Naturopathic Medicine to the core represents something that empowers the individual seeking treatment for an ailment or a person wanting to improve their overall health. They have a broader appreciation for medicine and what exactly it entails. Their particular course […]

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The Future of Medicine – Naturopathic

  Holistix Connex         SEGMENT TWO:  [09/12/2013] The Future of Medicine – Naturopathic Read in PDF  The motive behind QiConnex’s first post for Holistix Connex was to introduce the Practice of Naturopathic Medicine and then have myself, HipConnex, further discuss with you the phenomenon that is occurring with increasing frequency across the globe, […]

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Holistix Connex: Self-Education as an Integral Supplement towards Balancing your Qi

Holistix Connex         SEGMENT ONE:  [25/11/2013] Self-Education as an Integral Supplement towards Balancing your Qi   Read in PDF    erhaps before I engage your brain and have it shift towards the discussion of how naturopathic medicine is something that has been misunderstood for far too long, and that finally – with […]

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