Naturopathic Treatment vs. Standardized Healthcare

For years, people have traditionally gone to doctors for their health issues. Whether it be for a common cold or chronic acne, a general practitioner is normally the first stop to treat any issues or ailments. With technology and resources constantly advancing and being developed, many of our issues seem to be resolved after a visit or two. However, it also seems that illnesses and ailments are more common, which is due to the number of unnatural outside factors and influence that can throw off our natural balance. Although a family doctor is fully qualified and able to aid in many physical health-related issues, there are many things that need to be treated in order to maintain good health, including your mental state. You cannot have alignment with only one and not the other. This is where there is a common disconnect, or lack of knowledge for those who are seeking help and looking to maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle in a more long-term and consistent manner.

A more natural, or holistic lifestyle is a key ingredient to a healthy, balanced and happy life. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that physical ailments are normally the cause of imbalances or misalignments of your mental or spiritual state. There are many ways that a natural approach can help you improve and maintain your health in relation to these different aspects.

Today we live in the age of the rat-race; where we are applauded for working 60+ hours a week and climbing the ladder in our career in record breaking time. This, combined with lengthy commutes, having to spend money on nice clothes instead of vacations, trying to raise children, maintaining a healthy, intimate relationship with your partner or spouse, paying the bills on time and more can take a huge toll on our general health. Many times people will find themselves in situations where they are feeling totally over-stimulated, having difficulty sleeping, constantly feeling stressed or having internal mental battles over various situations in their life. When we ignore our mental state, it has a snowball effect which can turn into a breakdown, taking us out of the game for lengthy periods of time. Although a general practitioner may be able to temporarily treat you with medication for your symptoms, the real goal is to get to the bottom of your issues. With help from your local naturopathic doctor, you can learn to manage your lifestyle in a way that will improve your overall well-being. At Holistix Naturopathic Health Clinic, we are proud to offer various treatments for both acute and chronic cases. For immediate relief, we can help you relax and reset with acupuncture, botanical medicine, massage therapy or even treatment for fighting a common cold or the flu. For a long-term solution, we also offer Lifestyle Counselling, which identifies your symptoms and teaches you how to manage your aggravators. We work with you to identify specific things that can be causing the deterioration of your well-being, and help you manage them. Sometimes it is hard to see a solution, but with a highly educated counsellor, we can help you continue to fulfill all of your obligations, while working in certain treatments or sessions that will help you recharge and keep you feeling good for the long-term.

The mental side of Naturopathic Treatment is extremely important and invaluable, however in order to really identify what is going on in your body the physical symptoms are key indicators. At Holistix Naturopathic Health Clinic, we have various types of testing that a general practitioner may not use that can help pinpoint the cause of any issues. Based on what is discussed with your Naturopathic Doctor, a certain selection of tests will be performed. A common test is a blood test, which gives information about thyroid function, iron levels, glucose, kidney and liver function, heart function, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and more. Sometimes done as a substitute, Holistix Naturopathic Health Clinic also uses a saliva hormone test, which analyzes both male and female hormones, as well as adrenal functions to determine deficiencies or excesses. Another test that is used to measure metal exposure and mineral imbalances is a hair test. Your hair is constantly exposed to outside elements, which makes it the perfect matter to be tested to measure these indicators. For those with digestion issues, which is very common due to the amount of foods containing or made up of chemicals and unnatural preservatives, we also provide stool analysis. Alongside this, we are also able to discern any foods that you may be sensitive or intolerant to which you may not have been aware of through food sensitivity testing. Lastly, our urine analysis can immediately provide insight about your kidney function as well as blood, protein and glucose levels in the urine.

Although a general practitioner is highly educated and knowledgeable in their domain, the majority of family doctors focus only on treating the symptoms instead of the root problem, which in many cases can be a mental or emotional imbalance. In order to realign theses, there are many options that a Naturopathic Doctor can offer you that will improve your quality of life in a sustainable and manageable way. For more information about our various services, feel free to call us and book a consultation with Holistix Naturopathic Health Clinic, where we can provide a specialized treatment plan to get you feeling your best and living better!

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