Turn back the clock with cosmetic facial acupuncture

Dr. Laura Belus ND

What is it?

You may have heard about it recently in the media as this treatment has recently touted as the ‘natural face-lift’ by celebrities and models alike. Cosmetic acupuncture uses very fine needles, inserted into the face in particular areas to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles. The needles are about the diameter of a hair and are put into specific points on the face and body depending on your specific concerns. Most clients don’t feel the needles at all, and some fall asleep during the treatment due to pure relaxation (a bonus for your skin!).

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to improve the overall look and condition of their skin! The most common concerns are fine lines and wrinkles, however cosmetic acupuncture can also even skin tone, reduce dark circles and puffiness, as well as tone up the jaw line. In your 20s and 30s prevention is key, while in your 40s, 50s and beyond, the goal of treatment is often to lift and tone the skin by boosting collagen from within.

How long will it take to see results?

Even after just one session the skin appears more hydrated, even-toned and glowing. However, the average number of weekly 1 hour treatment needed is between 8-10 sessions for most. If you are simply looking to keep your skin looking its best,  only 4-6 treatments may be required. The greatest benefit of cosmetic acupuncture comes after the treatments are complete. This is as a result of new collagen constantly being formed in the skin as it continues to smooth and plump its appearance. Maintenance sessions are only needed every 6-12 months.

For the month of February you can enjoy a complete cosmetic acupuncture treatment as part of our Fit & Fabulous package. So if you’re ready to turn back the clock naturally, contact us today  to book your first treatment towards younger looking skin!