I.V. Therapy is used for high dose delivery of vitamins, minerals and herbs for faster relief of symptoms compared to oral supplementation. It allows for quick absorption of nutrients directly into the blood stream. I.V. Therapy delivers a higher dose supplementation without adverse affects such as stomach upset and malabsorption. High cortisol levels due to stress will alter hormones and create imbalances. A combination of Vitamin C, B vitamins and other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are used in the I.V. treatment. Every I.V. will be customized according to your imbalances. This will help reduce high cortisol and thus bring your hormones back to balance. For example, this therapy can be effective for people suffering from Ulcerarative Colitis, Crohn’s disease, malabsorption issues, fatigue, stress, cancer or people with low immune function due to colds or
cancer treatments.


IV DRIPS -higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants infused through your blood stream that will provide you with 100% absorption and immediate effects. Each IV DRIP takes approximately 1 hr. Bring a book, do some work or just relax and take a nap while you are giving your body the best nutrients that it requires and deserves. Below are a few types of IV DRIPS that Holistix has to offer!

  • IV DRIP-STRESS/ANXIETY/ ENERGY – Day to day stress can leave you feeling tired and run down. This formula will make you feel energized, revived, and help your body sleep better.
  • IV DRIP- IMMUNE BOOST/INFECTION FIGHTING – Our most popular IV during the winter months. This combo of vitamins/minerals/antioxidants will allow your immune system to remain strong when it is exposed to viruses/infections.
  • IV DRIP- FOR WOUND HEALING – Excellent protocol for post surgery or even healing wounds such cuts, bruises, even hemorrhoids and fissures
  • IV DRIP-DIABETES – Combo to help sustain healthy sugar levels
  • IV DRIP-THYROID SUPPORT – Combo to help support thyroid and allow it to function better.
  • IV DRIP-ANXIETY/DEPRESSION – For those feeling stressed anxious and depressed. This combo will allow for calmness yet allow your body feeling energized and revitalized.
  • IV DRIP-ADRENAL FATIGUE – For those working moms and dads always on the go and no time to sleep or do anything for yourself. If you only had more energy. Well this formula will give you the energy that your body needs and provide you with a more restful sleep to tackle your hectic schedule.
  • IV DRIP-WEIGHT LOSS – In combination with a weight loss protocol, this IV is highly effective.
  • IV DRIP-ALLERGIES – Higher amounts of Vitamin C has antihistamine effects to help combat allergies. In combination with an allergy protocol, this IV will also help you feel more alive and energized.
  • IV DRIP-ANTI-AGING SKIN PROTOCOL+ IMMUNE + HAIR + ENERGY – One of the best IV’S tackling so many things. This is Dr. Christoforou’s signature IV that she uses for herself. This formula is perfect for anyone over 40 wanting to attain that young glow in your skin but also keeping your hair strong and healthy but also leaving you feeling energized.
  • IV DRIP-LIVER SUPPORT/HEAVY METAL DETOX – The extra anti-oxidants in this formula is a perfect combination with your Liver Detox Program as it helps you lose weight even further!
  • IV DRIP-HIGH DOSE VIT C FOR CANCER – High dose of Vitamin C has been shown to be effective in supporting Cancer patients.

IV PUSH-For those that don’t have an hour but can do a mini IV PUSH that can take 5-20min. The dose of the vitamins/minerals and antioxidants are smaller amounts, but effects can be quite substantial as well.
Best to talk to your Naturopathic Doctor to find out which IV is right for you

  • IV PUSH-HEADACHES/MIGRAINES – High dose of Magnesium in this IV tremendously helps with headaches and migraines.
  • IV PUSH-PMS – Combo of B vitamins to minimize or eliminate PMS symptoms such as bloating, mood swings, headaches and breast tenderness
  • IV PUSH-GLUTATHIONE-LIVER DETOX/WEIGHT LOSS – Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant required during phase 2 detox. When combined with a Liver detox program, most patients feel alert, energized and focused. It also helps with weight loss if your weight gain is due to a sluggish liver.
  • IV PUSH-HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Combo of Magnesium and B6 to help bring down high blood pressure
  • IV PUSH-ACNE – Combo of B-vitamins, Vit C, Zinc and other antioxidants to help minimize/prevent breakouts but also help heal skin faster from breakouts leaving your skin healthy looking.
  • IV PUSH-ENERGY/ADRENAL FATIGUE – For those that need a quick energy boost but don’t have 1hr for an IV Drip.
  • IV PUSH-INSOMNIA – Best to do this in the evening and have someone bring you as you will feel tired and relaxed after this ready for a good night sleep.

Always talk to your Naturopathic Doctor to find out which IV is right for you. Sometimes your ND can do a combo of the above IV’s to customize your needs.

Most IV’s begin with weekly treatments for 4-10 sessions and then slowly scaling back for maintenance.

Call us today to find you which IV will be best for you! Start feeling great today!!