Naturopathic Services

Homeopathy is a medical practice that believes that the human body has the ability to heal itself with the use of natural substances, including plants and minerals. Homeopathic medicine is available in different potencies and strengths and comes in a variety of formats including liquid drops and tinctures, topicals, and pellets. Homeopathic remedies are suitable for all ages, and are individualistic, safe, gentle, and effective.
Intramuscular injections, such as Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D, are used to treat deficiencies, and allow for quicker and effective absorption into the body compared to subcutaneous and intradermal injections, and oral medications. The administration technique is simple and accessible. Shots that are delivered directly into the muscle avoid gastric factors and are a preferred method for those who have difficulty tolerating oral supplements or are not consistent with a supplementation regimen. Common injection sites include the deltoid muscle (upper arm), vastus lateralis (thigh), and dorsogluteal muscle (buttocks).
Botanical Medicine & Supplements | Holistix Clinic
Botanical Medicine & Supplements
The use of plant-based medicines in the form of teas, tinctures, topical creams or capsules for treating specific health concerns and aiding the body in recovering from injury or disease.
Blood Testing And Stool Testing | Holistix Clinic
Testing: Blood and Stool
At HNC we use Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories and Rocky Mountain Analytical to assess your blood. Blood testing provides us information on thyroid function, iron levels, glucose, kidney and liver function, heart function, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and much more. Your Naturopathic Doctor will determine which tests are necessary for you based on your health concerns.
Lifestyle Counselling | Holistix Clinic
LifeStyle Counselling
Addresses the link between health concerns, lifestyle, events, thoughts and emotions and provides recommendations such as breathing and relaxation techniques or coping strategies.
Stress Management With Acupuncture | Holistix Clinic
Acupuncture for Stress Management and Digestive Health
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) digestive issues are usually caused by imbalances to your Organs Qi (energy) and blood flow. A tongue and pulse diagnosis is first performed to determine the imbalances to your organs.
Stress Management With Acupuncture | Holistix Clinic
Cosmetic Acupuncture
Cosmetic Acupuncture is an effective, non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging.
Intravenous (IV) Therapy Treatments | Holistix Clinic
IV Therapy
I.V. Therapy is used for high dose delivery of vitamins, minerals and herbs for faster relief of symptoms compared to oral supplementation. It allows for quick absorption of nutrients directly into the blood stream. I.V. Therapy delivers a higher dose supplementation without adverse affects such as stomach upset and malabsorption. For example, this therapy can be effective for people suffering from Ulcerarative Colitis and Crohn’s disease, or people with low immune function due to cancer treatments or colds.
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy | Holistix Clinic
Bioidentical Hormones
Do you feel that your hormones are the cause of your weight gain, bloating, anxiety/stress, difficulty coping, insomnia? Are you worried about using synthetic hormones and wish there was a more natural alternative?
Clinical Nutrition | Holistix Clinic
Clinical Nutrition
Diet analysis, personalized diets, enzymatic therapies, or vitamin and mineral supplements
Blood Testing And Saliva Hormone Testing | Holistix Clinic
Testing: Blood, Saliva, Urine
At Holistix Naturopathic Clinic, we offer an array of on-site lab testing to help determine the cause of your ailments. Once a diagnosis is properly