Blood Testing

At Holistix Naturopathic Clinic, we offer an array of on-site lab testing to help determine the cause of your ailments. Once a diagnosis is properly determined, your Naturopathic Doctor will then be able to better provide you with your customized treatment plan to bring you back to a state of healthy balance.

At HNC your Naturopathic Doctor will take the time to discuss and explain your results with you in great detail. Come in today to take advantage of our full laboratory services.

Laboratory tests done at HNC are not covered by OHIP but may fall under some extended health insurance plans.

Saliva Hormone Testing

This non-invasive diagnostic tool provides a more simple method in analyzing hormones versus blood work. It consists of analyzing various female and male hormones including adrenal function to determine deficiencies or excesses. Common hormone imbalances include weight gain, depression/irritability, bone loss, sleep disturbances, fatigue and memory loss. This tool will provide insight for your Naturopathic Doctor in order to assist you regain and restore hormonal imbalances.

Dried Urinalysis

This new cutting edge testing of hormones will provide your Naturopathic Doctor with a complete comprehensive detailed picture of your hormones and metabolites. This will help pinpoint the exact issues that are occurring with your hormones so your Naturopathic Doctor can provide you with a complete customized comprehensive treatment plan to bring your body and hormones back to a healthy balance.